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Seems like the good word of buying your personalised clothing from My Garment Factory is spreading. in recent weeks we have been showcased in the South Wales Echo and now the Western Mail have run an article on our successful growth!

The article highlights our recent £100,000 investment in new print and embroidery kit and also our future plans to get even more personalised clothing onto our machines and back to our customers, more quickly and more cost effectively. 

While all this publicity is very nice, we won't let it go to our heads, our focus will always be on delivering the best School Uniform solution in south wales to our schools so they can benefit from our generous cashback offer, providing cost effective printed and embroidered workwear to our business clients and getting those T-Shirts printed super quick for those stag and Hen parties. 

Don't forget that we are open all week, so please come along and see us and have a look at everything we do - we would love you to read about it in the paper, then come and see it all in action. We'll put the kettle on!

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Are you thinking of popping the question this year? Do you feel your partner needs a nudge to get down on one knee? Or just simply want to treat your loved one. Take a look at our range of Mugs, T-Shirts & Aprons. Don't forget you can choose your own slogans to make it more personal.

Give us a call today on 02920 741678 or Email us at, if you have any enquiries or would like to place an order with us.

Price List.

T-Shirts £9.95

Mugs £6.65

Aprons £11.95

All prices are including VAT & Free Delivery.








The heavy snowfall recently seems to have had its effect on many of us, with lots of commuters unable to travel, disturbances to public transport, and not forgetting trying your absolute hardest not to fall over from the icy roads. Still, the build-up of white fluffy snow on the trees and rooftops sure does make Cardiff look pretty!

Almost coincidentally (and definitely appropriately) to the weather, we’ve recently been working on some garments for Eskimo Joes, “the ‘coolest’ play centre around”. The company, located in Rhondda Cynon Taff, placed an online order with us last week for some custom embroidered polo shirts featuring their very own logo, along with some children’s t-shirts printed with their very cute penguin:

We were pleased to hear from Eskimo Joes again today:

“The t-shirts have just arrived and they are fab, thank you!” Clare


If you would like to customise your own children’s t-shirts or clothing with your cute designs, just visit our childrenswear range and follow the easy to use online steps.

If you're still feeling over-indulged from the holiday season, or just trying to keep fit for the new year, why not get yourself some custom printed or embroidered sportswear from My Garment Factory Cardiff - it's guaranteed* to help your workout.

We've recently been working on some custom printed clothing for Cardiff personal trainer Sam Watson:

Having personalised clothing is great not only for adding your business logo or name to, but also contact information like social media. Whilst all t-shirts look more or less the same to the naked eye, there are plenty of different weights and materials available. At My Garment Factory Cardiff, we've got all sorts of t-shirts, with some that are designed specifically for sports made using lightweight, breathable materials to help keep you comfortable whilst exercising.

If you would like to discuss your sportswear requirements with us, just get in touch.

*Not really, but you'll at least look the part!

Now a timeless piece of clothing for anyone’s wardrobe, the printed t-shirt has come a long way since the beginning. Derived from the shape of the garment’s outline, the word t-shirt didn’t even make it into the dictionary until the 1920s. Originally worn only as an undergarment, the t-shirts we know and love today evolved from its use in the 19th century by miners and stevedores, who found it as a convenient covering for hot environments.

Fact: In 1939, the motion picture debut of The Wizard of Oz saw the first ever promotional printed t-shirt.

Although we all frequently wear t-shirts as the only piece of clothing on our upper bodies today, this only became popular 30-years on from its entrance into the dictionary, when famous American actor Marlon Brando was seen wearing a custom made t-shirt as a standalone, outerwear garment in the 1951 film, A Streetcar Named Desire. Along with some other appearances in t-shirts from influential people like James Dean and even Elvis Presley, wearing a t-shirt on its own suddenly became cool and rebellious.

Fact: Over 2 billion t-shirts are sold every year around the world.

Around the same time of the t-shirt becoming a symbol of rebel youth, some companies based in Miami, Florida began to decorate their t-shirts with characters and resort names. The very first is a company called Tropix Togs, who had the original licence for printing Walt Disney characters. In particular, the Mickey Mouse t-shirt was popularised quickly, with thanks to its appearance in the 1983 film, ‘The Outsiders’. This helped even more to bring the printed t-shirt into mainstream culture.

With so many designs available for printing onto a t-shirt, let your creativity flow and bring your ideas to life with My Garment Factory. Look out for part 2 of our blog, as we continue to explore how the printed t-shirt became so popular.