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TRY-ing to KICK OFF your tour in style???


The New Year is here and many of you have new and exciting challenges ahead.


Here at MGF we are getting ready for one of our favourite times – The Six Nations!!!


With the 1st of Feb seeing the 2014 champions Wales kicking off against Italy at our home ground we are abuzz with patriotic excitement!


Which gets me to thinking, if it’s Six Nations time it must be TOUR TIME!


Oh yes it’s time to dust off those crazy fancy dress outfits and brush up on the old standing moto, What happens on tour, stays on tour right guys?


What tour is complete without the token tour customised t-shirt.


Now I’m basing this on rugby but we are lovers of all sports here so if your football, golf or a 2 man stag do, we can still make the perfect printed and embroidered t-shirts for you.


With our expert print and embroidery team we are able to make all your hoddie, polo and t-shirt dreams come true and what’s more we are not easily offended so go on be daring with your tour names.


While we are on the subject of the Six Nations here are some facts you may find interesting….


  1. The Six Nations is one of the oldest cup competitions in the world. The first Tournament was held in 1883.
  2. England is the most successful team in the history of Six Nations having won the tournament 25 times, taking 12 Grand Slams. The English have also claimed the most Triple Crowns – 23.
  3. Irelands Ronan O’Gara is the tournaments highest points scorer with 551 points, also Irelands Brain O’Driscoll is the highest try scorer with 25.
  4. The Six Nations trophy is crafted from stirling silver, and has an estimated value of £55,000. The inside of the trophy was recently plated with gold to protect it from corrosive properties of champagne.
  5. Wales hold the record for the best defensive effort in a Six Nations campaign, conceding only two tries during the 2008 Six Nationals Championship.
  6. England flyhalf Johnny Wilkinson holds the record for most points scored in a Six Nations match, scoring 35 points in England’s 80-25 drubbing of thr Italians in 2001.
  7. Italy holds the record for the worst suffered in a Six Nations match, losing 80-23 to England in 2001. The match also saw England set the record for most points score by a team in the Six Nations.
  8. England has won the Grand Slams with 12, Wales second with 10 and France third with 9 respectively.
  9. The match between England and Scotland is known as the Calcutta Cup, it is made out of 50,000 meted down Indian rupees.
  10. Since 2000 France has won the most games (44) closely followed by England (39) 

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Here at My Garment Factory Cardiff, we get to embroider many different designs onto many different garments each week. With over 30 years’ experience in both embroidery and print, we’d like to think we’re the experts at personalising clothing!

So, you keep hearing us mention the word embroidery, but what is it? What does that involve? To help shed a bit of light on the subject, here are 10 quick facts we came up with about embroidery that you (probably) didn’t know already:

1. Many people confuse embroidered products to woven products. Embroidery is stitching directly onto the garment to create the design. Weaving is where different threads are intertwined to form the desired pattern and fabric – many garment labels are created this way, check yours.

2. About 2,000 stitches are used in a square inch of an embroidery design.

3. On average, there are 7,500 stitches in one embroidery design.

4. Our embroidery machines can run at up to 1000 stitches per minute.

5. The most common place to find an embroidered design on garments is on the left breast. This space is perfect for your company logos, school crests, names, initials and more.

6. There are over 1500 different colour threads available to choose from!

7. Many threads are also pantone matched, meaning we can accurately find the perfect colour you need.

8. Some industrial embroidery machines have over 50 heads. Our embroidery machines have 16 heads, meaning we can run over a dozen of the same embroidery designs at the same time.

9. On average, we do two sample sew-outs of your design before it is embroidered onto your chosen garments.

10. If you want to keep your garments but change the existing design, you can get it covered over with an appliqued badge (a separate embroidery stitched over, almost like a 'patch').


Take a look at some of our latest custom embroidered garments:


Embroidery is a popular and longlasting way to personalise clothing with your words, logos and more. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have designs or ideas you’d like to see embroidered.