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A couple of us here at My Garment Factory were lucky to have indulged in a short break away from the office last weekend. Kitted out with their very own My Garment Factory embroidered, custom branded polo shirts, sweatshirts, and baseball caps (which seemed very appealing to the Americans out there, as some even enquired if they were purchased from the Pro Sports Shop!) John Sheppard and Nigel Cames headed off halfway around the world to the bright lights of Chicago City!

The pair began their short trip by stopping off at various eateries around the local area, attempting a few ‘Man-Vs.-Food’ challenges, before making their way onto the annual Chicago Oktoberfest in South Lakeview. Undoubtedly, the biggest and main attraction for both was the 2012 Ryder Cup. With their tickets in their pockets, Nigel and John spent their last few days at the event, cheering on our European players and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Although they had to miss the very last portion of the game, they were not disheartened and continued to tune in to the game in the back of their taxis to the airport!

The pair returned this Tuesday with great reviews of their trip...

 “Unbelievable four days! Chicago is a great city, but nothing will ever beat being there on the course Saturday and Sunday to see the greatest sporting comeback of all time. Shame we had to hear about it in a taxi on the way to the airport though...” - Nigel Cames


Remember, whether you’re venturing out of the country or not, My Garment Factory has all of your custom printing needs covered!